bard's clothing

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french. france
I just came across a very tricky sentence and can't figure out what it means. can anyone help me, please? here it is:

the bard wore a tunic with long dagged tippets and striped sash and hose.
:confused: :confused:

thanks for any kind of help.:)
  • joleen

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    french / france
    Le barde portait une tunique avec une longue étole coupée en pointe ainsi qu'une ceinture et des collants rayés.

    A peu près quoi :)


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    See here for a description and a picture of tippets. I can't help you with a French equivalent though, I'm afraid :)

    A sash is generally a piece of cloth bound around the waist, often used to hold a robe closed. You might be able to translate it with "ceinture", I'm not sure...
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