bare infinitive in place of to-infinitive


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Would anyone give me an example in which bare infinitive can be used
where to-infinive used to be or should be?

I have collected two:

All I did was touch it.

The law of the street is take or be taken.
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    The two examples you listed don't seem to be congruent.

    The second could be rewritten. The law of the street is "Take or be taken." In the case of that, a similar example might be: Be careful, it's a "dog eat dog" world.


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    How about:

    "I can do that (etc.)"
    "I would/will go there"

    i.e. examples of auxiliary+ infinitive.


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    Hi Ocham,
    I replied earlier but since I made the dreadful mistake of saying hello in Japanese someone deleted the whole message.
    Anyway, I had a couple of examples for you:
    'Help' can be used with or without 'to' e.g. 'she helped me cook the dinner'
    The same is true of 'let' e.g. 'he let me drive his car'.
    Hope this helps.


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    The bare infinitive is used after a few verbs including may, will, can, must, do.

    All I did was touch it.
    I think that this is an ellipsis (contraction) of All I did was that I did touch it - bare infinitive after did.

    The law of the street is take or be taken.
    Here take and be taken are not infinitives: they are imperatives.


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    We can also use bare infinitives when we list them ( just the first verb is a to-infinitive) e.g. Tomorrow I'd like to get up early, have a shower and do the shopping.
    And "When two infinitive structures are joined by and, or, except, but, than, as or like, then the second is often without to:
    I'd like to lie down and go to sleep.
    Do you want to have lunch now or wait till later. ...
    " Source: Swan's Practical English Grammar.
    Except for the famous Hamlet's line:
    "... To die, to sleep;
    To sleep: perchance to dream ..."
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