Barely but still


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In Glee (S01E06) there is a dialogue between a man and an woman who are dating with each partners. But the partners were flirting, they both sensed it and are talking about the solution;

F: I knew someting was up. She couldn't keep her eyes off him at the show.
M: Listen, has he ever mentioned it to you?
F: Oh, no, but he's too smart for that. I mean, just barely, but still.

I know what F wanna say by the word 'smart'. Her partner has been smart, even sly, enough to hide and skirt around the issue. But what does she mean by the bold line? Barely has negative meaning like 'scarcely' and still has similar meaning to 'yet'. I have no idea how should I combine the meaning.
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    I see, so I think 'too' has a sarcasm here and that's why he is 'barely' smart. Then what is 'but still' here doing?
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