bareness of manner

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Hi, in this part:
The provincial people, intimidated by Gudrun's perfect sang-froid and exclusive bareness of manner, said of her: 'She is a smart woman.' (Women in Love, D.H.Lawrence)
what does bareness of manner mean?
  • lingobingo

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    I would take it to mean she was forthright, candid, didn't "beat about the bush" but came straight to the point.

    Uncle Jack

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    I don't agree with lingobingo, but she could be right.
    I think she conducted herself quietly, without making extravagant gestures, talking loudly, interrupting or using other behaviour obviously intended to get herself noticed. She clearly does get herself noticed, but doesn't use the same techniques other people use, which might be why they think her 'smart'.


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    Gudrun's perfect sang-froid and {exclusive bareness} of manner,
    The two words should, as I see it, be taken together. Exclusive indicates that, in her dealings with the local people, she maintained the class divide, and here suggests that she was also "her own woman" - frank and confident but not rude or impolite.

    then is "unadorned"; plain; direct. She used only unqualified words to express her opinions; she did not give long explanations or examples; she did not feel the need to explain her reasoning.
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