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I'm trying to find a good translation for the word "barista," a person who makes and serves coffee, as in a worker at Starbucks.
So far I've found
„bárfiú˝ és „bárpultos˝ but I'm not sure if either of them are exactly what I'm looking for.
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    "Barista" is OK in Hungarian, too, for the person who prepares coffee drinks in bars etc. A "pultos" or "bárpultos" also serves other beverages, these can be used to translate "bartender".


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    Wikipedia confirms barista as well (here).
    It also gives kávépincér as a Hungarian alternative (which I don't know how much is in use, having been in a Starbucks only abroad).

    However, bárfiú doesn't sound natural to me and bárpultos doesn't give the impression of somebody dealing with coffee...
    (When thinking about bár my first idea is a place where you drink coctails on high chairs or in a cosy corner in a dim-lit place with some boring music going on. You can also have "food bar" - ételbár - which is another thing altogether, a lot more accessible, a place you can walk in anytime you fancy a quick and inexpensive meal, but coffee bars are not usual in Hungary and they have Starbucks only in Budapest as far as I know.)