1. adripv Member

    Hablando de un sótano antiguo, de los sesenta, mi texto dice que hay ladrillos viejos y "barn board trim", ¿qué creeis que significa?
    En mi opinion es tablas de granero, pero no lo entiendo muy bien.

  2. horsewishr

    horsewishr Senior Member

    Michigan (USA)
    English (Generic Midwest Variety)
    Adornos de madera.

    Here's an explanation from a US website:
    From these old barns emerge hand hewn (hand-made) beams, barn boards and reclaimed barn wood that retain the rich patina and character imparted by decades of daily use and of weathering by wind, rain and sun. Antique barnwood is a true "exotic wood" that is crafted by nature.
  3. Lingus2 New Member

    I believe the correct term is Tablas de Remate

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