Barrack living room


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I'm translating into French the following:

'[I was] in the barrack living room...'

Can anyone help me with 'barrack living room'? Even if nobody knows what the French term is, can anyone explain in English what it is, because I have never encountered such a thing in my experience as an Englishman.
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    Fondue_knight, like you I find the concept bizarre but perhaps such things exist nowadays.
    Up to the 1970's the nearest thing to a 'barrack living room' in junior ranks' accommodation (i.e., 'barracks' in BE, from 'barrack block') would have been a 'block TV room'. Anyone in search of a comfy chair in communal surroundings could try the NAAFI (or Screws' Mess if there was one and they were entitled).

    Any help?
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