1. trucha Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    ¿Qué es un barrow barn? "You cannot see Truly Barn from here, that's Thunder's barrow barn; they go quite half a mile farther."
    Muchs gracias.
  2. Meadow Blue

    Meadow Blue Banned

    England English
    Do you think it might be "Thunder's Barrow barn? There is such a place as Thunder's Barrow.

    Otherwise, I have never heard of a 'barrow barn'.
  3. trucha Senior Member

    Spain Spanish
    Bueno, dice "barrow" con minúscula, pero sin duda es lo que tú dices.
    Muchas gracias.
  4. velero Senior Member

    Sospecho que es un establo con pocilgas para cerdos.

    Barrow pig: cerdo joven castrado


    The Ontario Junior Barrow Barn Competition is open to all Ontario Junior Barrow Contestants. This competition was introduced to ensure that penning and the barn are kept neat and presentable at all times, as well as offering contestants a chance to interact and educate the public.

    Competitor must be present to enter market pigs in any class.
    Neatness and Hygiene
    -neatness of pen & pig
    -signage listing complete information about pig and contestant

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