basculación (football/soccer)


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Hello! I've read the other posts on this topic but they are not very clear, so I would like to ask you for your help in this. The context is a book for football coaches, and the original goes like this:

"En realidad, cuando un jugador está ejecutando una basculación ofensiva, lo que realmente hace es una vigilancia ofensiva del terreno de juego. Está protegiendo el terreno a la espalda de sus compañeros del carril contrario, por si existiera una pérdida de la posesión del balón."

My try:
"In fact, when moving up to keep shape, a player is actually performing an Offensive Surveillance of the field zone, guarding it behind their teammates at the opposite channel, lest they lose the ball."

Do you think the meaning of "basculación" is well transmited through these phrases? Thanks in advance!
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    I know little about the sport, but will say that it is called soccer in the US, where football is a completely different sport, and that you should probably ask a moderator to change your title to include "(football/soccer)." That way, someone familiar with soccer terminology can tell you what sounds most natural.
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