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    Estoy traduciendo un texto sobre impresoras de piezas en 3D y hay una de las especificaciones de la maquina que dice:

    Base envelope:
14 x 10 x 10 in
(355 x 254 x 254 mm)

    Quiero saber como traducir: "Base envelope". Me imagino que alguien que esté familiarizado con el diseño industrial podria ayudarme:

    Espero sus respuestas.

    Muchas Gracias!
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    Hi Lalasar,

    My understanding is that Base envelop is term/idea used by designers.

    I found this definition which i hope helps

    A base envelope is a regular envelope
    that you use as a starting point to create a new envelope. The base envelope
    maintains a link to the envelope that inherited its properties. If you modify
    the base envelope, all related envelopes (those that inherited the base envelope
    properties) are also changed.
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    Yes, that makes sense.

    Every 3D object can be considered to have an envelope that can be defined in several ways. One such way is effectively to 'shrink-wrap' the object. The base envelope would be a virtual rectangular box that contains the object. Obviously a 3D printer has a limited such envelope in the same way that a particular 2D printer might be limited to paper sizes of A4 or less.

    Note I'm extrapolating from the above definition, not giving an expert authoritative response.
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  5. lalasar77 New Member

    ok. So any translations to Spanish?
  6. ipfs New Member

    I would use "Sobre de construcción".

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