base normative incontestable

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Theresa Fiore

Senior Member
American English

I am not sure I have understood the meaning of this sentence:

L’étude des biais systématiques qui affectent les choix d’achat et de consommation des individus fournit une base normative incontestable aux politiques nutritionnelles car elle bat en brèche l’hypothèse du consommateur souverain.

Here's my translation but I don't truly understand the sentence and suspect I have slipped up in my interpretation:

The study of systematic biases that influence individual consumer choices provides incontestable justification for a standardization of nutritional policies because it undermines the theory of “client as king”.

Any help would be much appreciated!

  • gardian

    English - Ireland

    Incontestable is a second adjactive on base.

    So it would be more like :

    The study of systematic biases that affect purchase and consumption choice of individuals forms an incontestable guiding basis for nutritional policies since it breaches the (old) marketing hypothesis of the customer being the king of his/her own preferences.
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