Baseball Jargon


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There are quite a few baseball glossaries on the internet. Most are either English or EN<=>SP. Few have any of the terms used to describe the game, especially by sports announcers or players. Here is a beginning. Please add more.
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    Whodunit said:
    I tried to add some German equivalents, but it's really hard, because baseball isn't popular in Germany at all. What about more common words like "homerun"? Don't they count?
    Hi Who,

    I've omitted, so far, all of the very common terms available in other glossaries. You are welcome to add these if you wish. I'm going to continue to focus on the kinds of expressions that do not appear in standard baseball glossaries.

    My method is very simple. Each day I read a few reports of the previous day's games. These short articles normally have a few quotes from players or managers. I look for terms that I can easily understand, but which would be incomprehensible to most non-native English speakers. I add these to the glossary.

    Here is a phrase I just found. It is a winning pitcher, describing how the game might have been for him, if he didn't have "good stuff", or the ability to throw pitches effectively. He said the game might have consisted of him having to "eat up innings". That's a term you will find in no other baseball glossary I know of. He means 'to struggle to remain in the game for many innings'.