Baseball or cricket or... three ducks on the pond

Discussion in 'English Only' started by cuchuflete, Oct 22, 2007.

  1. cuchuflete

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    Maine, EEUU
    From a sportswriter's blog for the American League final between the Bosox and

    "They took a 1-0 lead, but left three ducks on the pond."

    That was following a double play by J.D. "Nancy" Drew, which began with the bases loaded—the bags full—three runners on base. OK. It's not accurate, as there were
    only two ducks left, but the meaning is still obvious.

    Question: Has anyone ever come across this strange analogy before?

    If not, would you have understood the intention?

    Do you know any variations on the theme?
  2. sdgraham

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    I have not heard this one, but I can say that sportswriters are continually challenged to come up with new clichés.
  3. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

    Maine, EEUU
    Yep. Just as those with
    ocular difficulties are "visually challenged".
  4. Esteven Member

    Denver, CO, USA
    USA, English
    I have heard this expression before. I'm having trouble thinking of other similar expressions, although I'm sure I've heard many. There's one about weary travelers who couldn't reach home, but I forget how it's phrased.

    Btw. I don't understand what's not accurate about it.... If the bases were loaded with one out, and then Drew hit into a double play, then no runs scored and the Red Sox left three men aboard. i.e. three ducks on the pond.

    Either way, go Rockies. :)
  5. Harry Batt

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    I think the sportswriter needs a couple sessions of parallel construction. Ducks and Indians?

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