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    What are some "standard" baseball position names, as commonly used in countries that play baseball (e.g. those of the Caribbean)? For example on the Nationals Spanish website they used the name "paracorto", which seems to be used for "shortstop." Thanks!
  2. jacoquito Senior Member

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    I am not sure if the following positions are considered "standard." At least these are the ones I hear on the radio, which I am familiar with. Paracorto is a literal translation of shortstop.

    Catcher = Receptor
    Pitcher = Lanzador
    First Baseman = Primera Base
    Second Baseman = Segunda base
    Shrotstop = Torpedero
    Third Baseman = Tercera Base
    Left Fielder = Jardinero Izquierdo
    Right Fielder = Jardinero Derecho
    Center Fielder = Jardinero Central

    Coach = Coach (?)
    Manager = Manager (?)
    Umpire = Arbitro, umpire.
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    En México es igual, con una sola variante:

    Short Stop = Parador en corto (el jugador), Paradas cortas (la posición)



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