based around/on a football game

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    The activities included a parade and a big rally with a bonfire, and it proved to be very popular. This kind of festival, based around a football game, then spread all over the country.


    Does "based around a football game" in the above sound right? Is it equal to "based on a football game?" Thanks.
  2. "Based around" is correct in that context, but it is not the same as "based on".

    It means that the football game is the main feature and that all the other festivities, whatever they consist of, are fitted round it.

    "Based on" suggests that all the other events are variants of the football game or have got something to do with football.
  3. arueng Senior Member

    Thanks, Kevin.
    Btw, does "based around" in question amount to "featuring?" Thanks.
  4. It means that the football game was the central feature, but not the only one.

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