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  1. akana Senior Member

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    The only word I know of in Finnish for "basement" is kellari. The English corollary to this, "cellar," is used only to refer to an unfinished storage space below ground level, usually concrete or stone. "Basement," on the other hand, is used for a finished living space, but can also be used to refer to a storage space.

    Is there another word in Finnish that means an underground finished living space?

  2. sakvaka

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    We can refer to a finished underground floor as kellarikerros. Pohjakerros is (methinks) also possible but it may be too inaccurate since it usually refers to the ground-level floor.

    Tohtori Sillanpään toimisto löytyy rakennuksen kellarikerroksesta.
    Hotellin kellarikerroksessa on sauna ja uima-allas.
  3. akana Senior Member

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    Kiitos, Sakvaka! So, would it sound odd in Finnish to say, for example, Hei, laitetaan popcornia ja mennään kellariin katsomaan elokuvia!

    Would I want to use kellarikerros in this instance?
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    In many Finnish single family houses there is an "entertainment room" with TV set etc. in the basement/cellar, so your example Hei, laitetaan popcornia ja mennään kellariin katsomaan elokuvia! is perfect, and no one would use kellarikerros in such a colloquial phrase.

    Speaking about single family houses, kellarikerros is used used in official contexts but seldom in spoken language.
  5. Spongiformi Senior Member

    If you were talking to people not familiar with your house, and you said, "mennään kellariin katsomaan elokuvia!" many a guest would first imagine you'll be sitting on potato crates watching a TV surrounded by jars of jam.

    But it's true "kellarikerros" wouldn't be used. Too official and stiff sounding.

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