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    Field and topic:
    Computer software: the following are basic features used in the software that is provided.
    I have found several of the words but making it sound right in spanish is the difficult part.
    DRC= design rules check (verificación de reglas de diseño en línea)
    Also does anyone know of any web sites in Spanish that provide computer software.

    Sample sentence:
    • Optional supervision of imported data to ensure data integrity (vertex count; edge length).
    • Flexible command entry – keyboard, hot-key, menu bar, toolbars, mouse, command file.
    • Case-sensitive structure names.
    • Comprehensive data selection criteria for objects and vertices.
    • Advanced edit features including cut and merge, group creation from selected objects, etc.
    • Advanced analysis features (including connectivity and on-line drc)
    • Accelerated display for large designs.
    • Supports multiple design windows (customizable value).
    • Supports ports and item properties.
  2. Roxanna Miranda Member

    Canada - Chile / English
    The above are used in Intgrated Design tools (software). If anyone could provide me with help, it would be much apprechiated.

    KYRIOS Senior Member

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    Spanish - Spain
    In dictionary, features = rasgos, características.
    Although when I traslated software, I always used features = opciones.
    Advanced features = opciones avanzadas.
  4. riruilo Senior Member

    Spanish and Valenciano
    Yo prefiero "funcionalidades"
    También sirve "funciones"
  5. Lnx

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    Spa-Eng/lish (all over the web)
    Feature=caracteristicas, prestaciones, funciones, funcionalidades, procedimientos...
    En mac siempre la traducen como prestaciones de sw.
    En adobe como caracteristicas, y etc...
    Ing inversa, bases de datos, etc, como procedimientos...

    Hot-key=tecla rápida, acceso directo, acceso rápido.
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