Basic Serial Killer Work 101


I'm watching the program on serial killer and there's a sentence I don't understand

That’s Basic Serial Killer Work 101. You feed those egos and let them self-destruct.

Please help!
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    In American colleges, many of the freshman, or basic, classes have 101 as their course number: Biology 101, English 101. When you get to the second year, or second course, you'll find Biology 201, English 201. Etc.

    So the "101" designation has became shorthand for a basic course. Fatherhood 101, Diaper-Changing 101, Plumbing 101, Beer-Drinking 101. In this case, it has been reinforced with the word "Basic" in case you don't get it; normally, that's not needed.

    So the subject of the course is "Serial Killer Work." And the "Basic" and "101" serve to tell you that it's an entry-level course that teaches you the basics of being a serial killer. "You feed those egos and let them self-destruct" would be one of the elementary things that are touched on in the course.
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