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  1. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Senior Member

    I'm really not good at using short expressions or shorten long sentences.

    If I want to say:
    Here are things those believers in God must know or things those believers should/must know about faith in God

    What good and short words should I use when I give a short title for some articles

    1. Basics for Believers in God

    2. Basics of Your Faith

    3. Basics for Your Faith

    Which one do you think is okay or natural?

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  2. Egmont Senior Member

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    I do not know this for sure, but I suspect that your article is about one specific faith - not belief in God in general. It is hard for me to imagine one set of basics that would work for Sunni Islam, Hassidic Judaism and evangelical Protestant Christianity - yet members of all those faiths believe in God. In that case, #1 and #4 have the wrong meaning.

    Between #2 and #5, I prefer #2; I don't think "for" works well here since "your faith" is not an activity.

    Between the remaining two, #2 and #3, it is (to me) a personal choice. I prefer the style of $3, but #2 would be correct also if all those who read this article believe in whatever faith this is about. If that's not the case, "your" is inappropriate, and I'd choose #3.
  3. Florentia52

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    Which do you think is/are correct, Sara Lee? We can help you better if we understand your thinking.

  4. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Senior Member


    Thank you so much~~ Egmont,

    let me think how I should express, I will try my best to make me clear to you~~
  5. Sara Lee

    Sara Lee Senior Member


    I inteneded to refer to Christians~~

    Then what about Essentials of Your Faith or Must-know for Believers?
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