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I recently started a forum which contanied a phrase with the word "basket ball". I translated it to "ballon panier," which others said was not correct. These people were from France though, and French natives and called it simply "basket." Does anyone have other translations? Have you heard of "ballon panier?"
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    "ballon panier" is a computer traduction, we never use this expression! As you said, we play "basket ball" or "basket", the second translation is more familiar.

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    Not to add anything new but I had seen your "ballon panier" in another thread & I must admit that, as I'm thick, I hadn't understood what you meant, I thought it was another sport ... (I suppose I'm not fully awake :rolleyes: :)) but on this side of the pool I'm used to my "basket" (not even "basket-ball", too long for me :p)
    So I can say:
    "Je joue au basket en baskets"
    "I play basketball with trainers" :)