Basketball terms

María José Hooft

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Spanish Argentina
Hello, can anyone help me with this stuff?
This is the context:
I am familiar with technical rules, such as the infield fly rule. I know when a base runner is likely to steal a base. I know when the pitcher should issue an intentional base on balls. I can predict when a batter will bunt. I can see when the infield is in double-play position. When I attend a game, I keep score on every batter throughout the nine innings.

I know it´s a lot, but i'm really lost on this subject. Heeeelp meeee!:eek:
  • betulina

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    català - Catalunya
    Hi María José!

    Do you want it translated into Spanish or into many languages? This is a forum for multilingual glossaries. In case that is what you want, try to put the terms in an Excel format and we'll add the terms in our languages. If you just need them in Spanish or some other language, I think you'll get more answers in the appropriate forum, like General Vocabulary. Ask a moderator to move the thread if that is the case.

    By the way, I think they are baseball terms, not basketball! :) ;)