Basque: Have no regrets, Don't die wondering


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I live in the USA am 1/4 Basque. I havent learned too much about the Basque language but really would like to. If someone out there who speaks both could translated the phrases below to basque, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

"Have no regrets."

"Dont die wondering."

** the quotes have meaning for me and i always wondered what they would translate to in Basque.
  • haujavi

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    I suppose that both phrases are imperative, as an advice. As English is not my first language I'll put "my" spanish translation and then "my" basque translation.

    "Have no regrets."="No tengas remordimientos/no te arrepientas"="Ez damutu/ez damuizu*"

    "Dont die wondering."="No mueras asombrandote"="ez zaitez harrituta hil"

    It's difficult to translate it literally. Besides there are different words in different regions of the Basque Country, altough there is an official unified language that is taught in the schools.

    But I'll search for a more accurate translation. If someone could make a better translation into spanish it would be easier for me to translate into Basque.