Basque: j'appartiens a l'ocean/I belong to the ocean


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Euskara, Francais
En hommage a mon grand pere je souhaite faire une creation dans laquelle je souhaite ecrire "j'appartiens a l'ocean" en langage Euskara. Pouvez vous m'aider a traduire cette phrase svp ?
D'avance merci

In tribute to my grandfather I wish to make a creation in which I wish to write "I belong to the ocean" in Euskara language. Could you pls translate this sentence ?
Thanks ahead
  • jazyk

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    I think you could say Ozeanoarena naiz or Nire etxea ozeanoa da, but wait for confirmation.


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    Brazílie, portugalština
    I'm thinking whether the word for sea (itsaso) wouldn't sound better. In that case my suggestions would be Itsasoarena naiz and Nire etxea itsasoa da. I like the latter better.