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  1. outofhere New Member

    USA English
    Checked the dictionary, couldn't find the meaning of "Basta"? Can anyone help me please? Thank you for your time.
  2. DesertCat Senior Member

    inglese | English
    It's in the WR dictionary. It's used to say that's enough or stop.
  3. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

    US, English
    Did you check the dictionary at the top of the page? Basta = enough
  4. leenico

    leenico Senior Member

    U.S.A. english
    I stayed in Venice once, and the woman living across the way was constantly yelling "basta" at her kids. :D
  5. Artrella Banned

    Basta >> that's it! - enough (as lsp said) - stop (it)! -that's enough.

    Basta! smettila con questa discussione!

    Non si parla più di questo, e basta!

    Spero che miei esempi siano corretti.
  6. Jana337

    Jana337 Senior Member

    Mi sa di sì.

  7. shamblesuk

    shamblesuk Senior Member

    England, English
    Its worth adding that it is used frequently when saying that someone has to do something. 'Basta aspettare cinque minuti' = You only have to wait five minutes.

    Basta + verb = 'You only have to (verb)'

    This confused me at first. :)
  8. BVita New Member

    English - USA(Florida)
    Quando si usa la parola "basta", è significa "only", vero?. Quindi, direi io basta devo a mangiare una mela per giorno per levare il medico di torno?
  9. rrose17

    rrose17 Senior Member

    Canada, English
    I think it's closer to "enough" rather than "only".
  10. Paulfromitaly

    Paulfromitaly MODerator

    Brescia (Italy)
    Basta doesn't mean only.
    It has a lot of different meanings, depending on the context.
  11. Montesacro Senior Member

    No, basta non significa "only". :)
    Non è un aggettivo e neanche un avverbio.
    E' una voce del verbo bastare, che può venire usata anche come esclamazione.

    Basta che (io) mangi una mela al giorno per levare il medico di torno.

    Oppure, in forma impersonale:

    Basta mangiare una mela al giorno per levare il medico di torno.
  12. Tunalagatta Senior Member

    English - England
    Think of it literally as "it is enough" (third person singular), from the verb "bastare".
    "Basta mangiare una mela..." - "it is enough to eat one apple", although we'd translate it less literally - "You only need to eat one apple".

    It is generally used in the 3rd person singular and plural forms.

    You could also say "basta una mela al giorno" (singular, because 1 apple)
    or "bastano 2 mele al giorno" (plural, because 2 apples)

    "Only" is "solo".
  13. David Blake New Member

    Another meaning for "BASTA": in recipes Italians use the abbreviation "q.b." (quanto basta) to say "as required" (for example "sale: q.b." (sometimes it's written "qb") = "salt: as required").



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