Bastarda malparida


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How would you translate this insult taking into account that it's being said in a very old context (years B.C.)?
Would ''fucking bitch'' be appropiate?
I don't mean to offend anyone.

Thank you very much in advance.
  • aztlaniano

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    "Bastardo" might mean "illegitimate", "born out of wedlock". It could also be a snake or a sail.
    Please give the context, as always. It's required by the forum rules.


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    Okay, here's the whole sentece: "Bastarda malparida... Sabía que no podíamos fiarnos de esa romana."

    Miguel Antonio

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    You could go for 'bastard bitch', as this would leave no doubt as to the person's gender, and keep the 'out-of-wedlock' insult intended. Just a suggestion, though. I personally feel that f***ing is not quite the right word here...

    Oops! I've just seen Aztlan's post, it sounds like German :D


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    Thank you very much for your quick answers. I knew f**ing was not very appropiate, but it was the first thing that came into my mind. Nonetheless, I think I prefer Miguel Antonio's option, as Aztlan's seems very hard to understand for an ordinary audience (The quote was taken from a soap opera's dialogue).


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    The quote was taken from a soap opera's dialogue
    This is an important part of the context.

    I thought aztlan's suggestion was brilliant. How is the dialogue supposed to sound? Are you going for ancient, modern, or hip-hop?

    Have you any examples of other insults and imprecations that you have translated? With what are you trying to be consistent?

    Aztlan's suggestion is perfect, but SydLexia is right: it depends on whether the rest of the dialogue sounds ancient or modern.

    It irritates me enormously to read a novel or watch a movie situated in ancient times but with a dialogue that sounds as if it came off the streets in 2012; however, if that is the way it is written, you'll have to follow through and translate it the same way.


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    The soap opera is about the Roman Empire and it takes place during the 2nd century BC. The dialogue is supposed to sound formal, so I am going for ancient. However, it shouldn't be extremely formal, nor extremely ancient as it is not a book, it is a show for an ordinary audience, as I have already said.

    Here's an example of how I translated other insults:

    ¡Cerdo!¡Te arrancaré las tripas! ¡Te mataré! = You bastard!/You swine! I’ll pull your guts out! I will kill you!



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    I'd be reluctant to use the word bastard in this case. You don't tend to see it used as an epithet for a female (I mean, it would be perfectly correct to describe her as a bastard, but you wouldn't call her that as an insult). I'm not 100% convinced by "f**ing bitch", but I think it at least sounds more natural than "bastard bitch".


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    Seeing as like it's old.

    "ill born bitch"------- thing spat on a rock and hatched in the sun--------how much more unpleasant can one be?

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