bat-bikini pool party

Discussion in 'English Only' started by friggione, Jul 6, 2006.

  1. friggione Member

    What's a "bat-bikini pool party"? and what does mean the calling of "marcooo" in that game? (is that a game?)

    Thank you all in advance bye bye!!
  2. lsp

    lsp Senior Member

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    There is a swimming pool game of tag called Marco Polo.

    The bat part is unfamiliar to me.
  3. Saoul

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    After the bat suit, the bat bikini?
  4. . 1 Banned

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    My interpretation is that there is an expectation of swimming and a game of cricket so I would bring cossies and also expect to play cricket.

  5. GenJen54

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    This is a distinct possibility, but could it not also be a party in any other warm-climated country where cricket is popular.

    Friggione needs to provide us with additional context - the name and/or author of the book, perhaps - for us to confirm anything.
  6. se16teddy

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    I think you're right, Saoul. Here is Batwoman wearing a bat-bikini.

    One of the features of the Batman films is lots of neologisms featuring the word 'bat'.

    If you google 'bat bikini pool party', the only result you get is a party by a pool in the presence of Batman.
  7. maxiogee Banned

    Did you all know that the bikini is 60 years old!

    Happy almost-Birthday-suit!
  8. panjandrum

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  9. daviesri Senior Member

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