Bath cleaning.. car washing..

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Hi, everyone!

I have another question so here it is

Phrases like Bath cleaning..., car washing... and so on. Can you explain me what the function words -ing do in this phrases?? Are they gerunds or participles or maybe noun phrase? gerund phrase?
Example: Bath cleaning is done. Car washing was done in time.

I am little confused with this.

  • tzy98

    add -ing to make some verb a noun.Car,bath is irrelevant.
    'cleaning is done' is fine but 'clean is done' is not because a verb can't be a subject.

    Hermione Golightly

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    British English
    They have the form of verbal nouns, or 'gerunds' if you like that old fashioned term.
    Neither of your examples is a valid illustration of their natural use because there would probably be a definite article if the phrases existed, but we usually talk about cleaning baths. We are more likely to talk about 'cleaning the bath' and 'washing the car'. In those phrases cleaning and washing are verbal nouns acting as the subject of this sentence and a noun phrase following a preposition.

    'Washing the car is more fun than cleaning the bath.'

    (The bath has been cleaned.)
    (The car has been washed.)
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