bathroom and bedroom are hidden in a 'volume'


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This is from a picture book about vertical gardens. This text is about Home 06 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
What does the word mean here?
Integration of nature is an important aspect of traditional culture in Japan, the homeland of the client. The integrated in-house vertical garden is an example of this. The bathroom and bedroom are hidden in a volume, placed at the back of the house.

Source: Façade Greenery-- Contemporary landscaping by Chris van Uffelen.
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    From the article linked to below, I surmise that a 'volume' is a single open area, what a lay-person might call a 'room' or 'area' though I am certain that architects have a reason for using the term 'volume'.
    (Residence, Singel, Amsterdam)
    Nominated for the Bathroom Design Awards 2010, this project exists as one open space where several functions have been put into freestanding objects. The kitchen and wardrobe are placed near the entrance and combined into one single volume.
    The bath and bedroom is hidden in a volume which is placed at back of the house. From the open living area you look alongside the volume towards the vertical garden and the entrance stairs to the roof terrace.
    Source: Daily Icon (Wednesday, January 27th, 2010)
    Apparently, this is a different article about the same architectural project.

    (By the way, please name the title and author whenever you quote a book.)
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