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What would Americans call a full bathroom outside the master bedroom in an apartment? Would it be a hallway bathroom? Thank you.
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    Thanks, Fabulist. I'm putting down some problems I've found in that how-do-real-estate-folks-call-it bathroom, and just want to make sure that my landlord doesn't think I'm talking about the master bedroom's bathroom.


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    I the USA we have "full-baths" (with a tub or shower) and half-baths (lacking a tub or shower).

    The "master bath" is located in the master bathroom.

    I don't recall having heard of a "hall bath" though I would understand its meaning.

    I think it would be more common just to describe the location of the bathroom.
    If I were talking about something that needed to be fixed, I would hope that the Landlord knew which bathroom I was talking about! For example:

    "Hey Landlord person, the sink in the bathroom in the hallway needs to be fixed." I wouldn't think too hard about the term. I would also say something like "guest bathroom." A guest bathroom doesn't have to be connected to or inside the guest bedroom.
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