Battery is dying/deteriorating


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1. The phone battery is dying.
2. The phone battery is deteriorating.

Are both sentences interchangeable? My understanding is that we need to replace the battery soon for (1). I’m not sure about the exact condition of the battery in (2).

Thank you for any comments.
  • dojibear

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    Often people say "the phone's battery is dying" to mean "the battery is almost out of electricity". The battery is okay. It has no problem. It just need to be re-charged.

    But "dying" in sentence 1 can also mean "the battery barely works". Even when fully charged, the battery doesn't work properly. The battery needs to be replaced.

    Sentence 2 means its "ability to work properly" is deteriorating (become worse and worse). That is the same as the second meaning for sentence 1: the battery needs to be replaced.
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