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Hello Forum Members,

How do you paraphrase this phrase, a battery-powered toy? Do you say a toy with a remote or a toy without human energy?
  • Egmont

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    A remote (short for remote control) and battery operation are two totally separate concepts. My television set has a remote, but it is not battery-powered; it must be plugged into a wall outlet to operate. My telephone is battery-powered, but it does not have a remote.

    A toy that does not require human energy to operate is yet a third concept. It might have a battery. It might be powered by a wind-up spring. And it might plug into the wall, too: my electric train gets power from a wall outlet.

    I can't think of any way to paraphrase "battery-operated toy" without changing the meaning, other than perhaps rearranging the words into something like "toy powered by batteries". Why do you want to paraphrase this term?
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