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    "Martin sat in the interview room opposite the two detectives. The buzz he'd felt earlier that day batting questions from Chief Inspector Lorimer had disappeared. Talking on the telephone was quite a different matter from talking across this chipped Formica table." From "Never Somewhere Else" by Alex Gray. anyone heard of this expression?
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    This seems to be a cricket analogy:

    In cricket, the bowler sends the ball to the man with the bat (the batsman). The batsman then tries to "bat" (i.e. to strike the ball with a bat) the ball away.

    Chief Inspector Lorimer has been putting questions to Martin and Martin has been batting them: i.e. answering them
  3. beppo Senior Member

    Thanks PaulQ!
  4. Sparky Malarky

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    I'm not familiar with the book. I assume this is British English, but the meaning in American English would be exactly the same, although it would be a reference to baseball, not cricket.

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