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He leido esta frase en un comic y no tengo claro que singnifica la palabra ish : "fire meets brute force... in the greatest battle-ish yet." ¿Puede que sea batallita?
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    The suffix -ish is has existed for centuries, but it has now acquired new usage by itself, meaning "a little bit of that," such as in the following.

    -Are you nervous?
    -Ish. (that is, Estoy un poco nervioso)

    In your sentence, it sounds strange, but I think the meaning is that this wasn't really a full-fledged battle, but was something close to being a battle. Your translation is probably as good as it will get.


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    I suspect this is a "battle issue". 'Edición de batallas' or something like that.
    That's a clever guess, but why would the writer use a hyphen, when that makes it look exactly like the suffix?

    While I don't have complete confidence in my suggestion, I still think it is the most likely here.
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