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Hello, everyone:
I wrote this sentence:
During the expansion of the Mongol Empire, Mongol battled many countries across Asia and Europe.

Is it correct to use "battle many countries" to mean that take part in fights or wars against many countries?
Is it correct to use "battle" as a verb here?
If not, do you have a better way to say it?

Thank you.
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    Mongol what? It doesn’t make sense on its own.

    And you can’t battle a country. But you can wage war against/on, or fight wars with, other countries, which could also be expressed as engaging in conflict with them.
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    In AE, you can "battle a country". One of the examples in the WR dictionary is "battled the Germans for control of the sea".

    But it is more common to use "battle" to mean one single fight, and "fought" to mean an entire war (many fights).

    And the subject is wrong. "Mongol" does not describe the entire people or army. It need to be "the Mongols", "Mongolia", or the Mongol Empire".

    Mongol battled many countries
    The simplest AE version would be "the Mongols fought many countries...".
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