Battle of heaven


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I am working on my browser game.
I called it "battle of heaven" so far. But i am not sure if it is correct.
By "battle of heaven" i meant the battle of angels and devils fighting each other to take control of heaven.
Is it correct to say that it is Battle of heaven?
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    We usually fight, or battle, for something, so I think 'Battle for Heaven' would sound better. And note that as it's a title, we would capitalise 'Battle' and 'Heaven'.

    As an aside, note that we always also capitalise the personal pronoun 'I'.


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    I would like to thank you for great tips guys!
    As you probably noticed, english is not my first language.
    I would also like to ask you, how do you understand my actual title??
    How does it sound in english: Battle of Heaven ?
    I cannot explain why, becouse of language boundaries, but for me using "for" here do not match my thinking of this phrase :p
    Battle for Heaven, sounds to me, like fighting for someone or something, for example Black people fighting for their rights. And it's not exactly what i mean
    But in this case, fight takes place in heaven and people fighting there are taking this battle in order to get this land (heaven) for their own.
    What would u use if u were me :D?


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    To me, 'Battle of Heaven' sounds like 'Battle of Hastings' or 'Battle of Waterloo', and all any of these tells you is where the battle took place. There's no implication of who was fighting there, or what they were fighting about, or fighting for.

    Battle for Heaven, on the other hand, does imply that it is Heaven that is being fought over, or fought for.

    Having said that, Parla is right, of course - there are no rules for titles. You can call the game whatever you like.

    And note that English has a capital 'E', and 'u' is not acceptable as an abbreviation of 'you' here. :)
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