1. vought82 New Member

    Belgique, Français
    Bonjour, comment traduiriez-vous le mot bay (= travée?) dans les phrases suivantes :

    "In each bay and at all floors and the roof, the slab/floor system must be able to withstand a net upward load of the following magnitude : ... Not that this load is applied to each bay, one at a time, i.e., the uplift loads are not applied concurrently to all bays. Design the floor system in each bay and its connections to the beams..."

    Merci... :)
  2. hunternet

    hunternet Senior Member

    France - French
    I would say "baie"...
  3. JeanDeSponde

    JeanDeSponde Senior Member

    France, Lyon area
    France, Français
    And I would say une travée...
  4. vought82 New Member

    Belgique, Français
    Thanks, cela confirme mon idée...

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