bazıları vs. -den bazıları

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  1. Zuccherro Senior Member


    I saw these examples when I was learning how to use the word "bazı":

    - şehirdeki evlerin bazıları çok eski
    - Asya ülkelerinden bazıları çok gelişmiş

    As I understood them:

    - Some of the houses in the city are very old
    - Some of the Asian countries are very developped

    What I did not understand however is why did they use -den in the second example if they did not need to use it in the first?
  2. spiraxo

    spiraxo Senior Member

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    Hi zuccherro,

    Please add more context before and after each example.

  3. peptidoglycan Senior Member

    Hi Zuccherro.

    - Şehirdeki evlerin bazıları çok eski
    - Şehirdeki evlerden bazıları çok eski
    - Asya ülkelerinin bazıları çok gelişmiş
    - Asya ülkelerinden bazıları çok gelişmiş

    All the sentences given above are possible. They all sound fine to me.
  4. Zuccherro Senior Member

    So they're just 2 ways to say the same thing, without no nuances at all .. ?
    Spiraxo there's no context, just separate sentences like these as examples

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