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Discussion in 'English Only' started by nurdug51, May 16, 2009.

  1. nurdug51 Senior Member

    How do you pronounce this director's name?
  2. MichaelW Senior Member

    English (British)
    "Baz Lurman" or "Lerman" (sound the same), the "h" and second "n" have no effect in English, stress on the first syllable.
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  3. nurdug51 Senior Member

    And the first name?

    Like 'bass' (in bass guitar) or 'last' without the t ?
  4. MichaelW Senior Member

    English (British)
    "z" as in "buzz"

    This is how I would pronounce the name reading it straight off the page, often if people know how a name is really pronounced they will not just English-ise it but pronounce it more properly.
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  5. cycloneviv

    cycloneviv Senior Member

    Perth, Western Australia
    English - Australia
    I agree that "Baz" is pronounced with the "a" sound in "cat" and the "z" sound in "buzz".

    I don't know whether it reflects the way Mr Luhrmann pronounces his own name or laziness on the part of local media (probably the latter...), but here in Australia, Baz Luhrmann's homeland, his surname is usually pronounced more like "Lowman".
  6. Brioche

    Brioche Senior Member

    Australia English
    I've never heard it pronounced like that.

    I've always heard it with the same non-rhotic "ur" sound that we have in fur or purr.

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  7. cycloneviv

    cycloneviv Senior Member

    Perth, Western Australia
    English - Australia
    You're probably right, Brioche, and it's just my imagination. I don't have any examples to back up my claim; it's just what I feel as though I have heard most of the time.

    The chap in the link you provided (which may disappear soon, YouTube links having recently been black-banned here at Word Reference...) does indeed pronounce it "Lurman" and presumably he would know how to say it correctly having appeared as an extra in a Baz Luhrmann film.

    I guess I'm trying to say that I don't in any way dispute that it ought to be pronounced more like "Lurman", but I'm almost sure I usually hear people on TV saying "Low(r)man" instead.

    EDIT: My housemate disagrees with me, as do several interviews I've just had a look at online, so perhaps I should just say "disregard everything I've said in this thread". It must just be a quirk of my hearing and/or memory. Sorry about that!
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