bazaar /fete

  • Mahantongo

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    English (U.S.)
    No, although you might use either term for a specific event. A "bazaar" ordinarily involves having items of some kind for sale, but there is no necessary association of selling with the word "fete".


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    Be sure to get an opinion from a British English-speaker, cwervanTes. I think "bazaar" means something different in the UK.
    A fete is a celebration of someone or something.

    Keith Bradford

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    A fete is a celebration of someone or something in Britain too, but it's almost always associated with selling produce or paying to take part in competitions. A kind of amateur fairground. A couple of examples:

    "To celebrate the church's centenary, we're having a fete to raise money for roof repairs. Would you like to organise the home-made cake stall?"
    "Could you make something for the Labour Party bazaar? I know you're an expert at rag dolls, and we could sell them on the toy stall."

    In short, virtually no difference in meaning except that fetes tend to be outdoor...?
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