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  1. Hi everybody! Well, I just watched the season finale of The Big bang Theory. Pleeeeasee, could someone tell me what "Bazinga!" means?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. brody New Member

    English - USA
    Bazinga? In what context is it used?
  3. Hello! So, Sheldon ("the" starring of the Big Bang Theory) say a little joke, a trick, a little lie, a sarcasm, this is the scenario:

    "Sheldon from criticizing Leonard, so Leonard is forced to find his error and correct it. Sheldon observes, “You actually had it right in the first place. Once again, you’ve fallen for one of my classic pranks. BAZINGA!”"

    It's possible y¿that means nothing, too!

    Thank you!
  4. cuchuflete

    cuchuflete Senior Member

    Maine, EEUU
    What leads you to think that it is an English word?
  5. mplsray Senior Member

    There is a bazing in The Urban Dictionary which seems to fit the situation, so that bazinga would be a variant:

    "Can be heard on the cartoon show 'Family Guy' used at the end of a sentence in which someone said something witty or even a joke."

    Bazing, in turn, appears to be a variant of zing, with the same sense.

    Here's one of the definitions given:

    "An interjection commonly used after making a witty joke at someone else's expense while they are present."
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  6. hahahaha! I'm from Argentina, and the only Bazinga I know is "Bazinga Bubbles"! But i'd like to understand the funny thing about it! Some TBBT fan there???

    Thanks anyway! :)
  7. mplsray Senior Member

    The online Encarta Dictionary does not have the interjection zing, but it does have a verb in a related sense here:

    "4. transitive verb attack somebody with words: to criticize somebody sharply, especially in a swift and clever way"
  8. Excellent! You deserve the "Senior member" title! See ya!
  9. fie New Member

    As it's Sheldon I would assume he's talking about Bubble Bazinga, a game based on Tetris.
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  10. fie New Member

    re earlier message it sounds like bazinga is being used as a shout of joy as in 'ha' or 'gotcha' and would be used when you complete a level or more in a game, similer to 'house' in bingo when you win or 'howzat' when you get some one out in cricket you know that sort of thing. and as i would imagine the character of sheldon dos'nt play actual sports a computer game would be the nearest equivilant.

    and after seeing leonards mum you can see exactly how he can share a flat with sheldon!

    keep safe
  11. Thanks a lot fie!!!
  12. Judica Senior Member

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    AE (US), Spanish (LatAm)
    Its is used in the context given to say "gotcha"!
  13. gotcha! :)

    Thank to all of you, I learned a lot!
  14. rfennel1 New Member

    English - USA
    Ok, just so we don't mislead people here, this is not an actual word. Yes, he is using it to say "gotcha," but if you said that to someone else, they would most likely have no idea what you meant (unless they were a Big Bang Theory fanatic!). This is the show using a poetic license based on the character of Sheldon; people don't actually say this...that is unless the show is so popular that "bazinga" becomes a slang word!
  15. 655321 New Member

    This doesn't need to be overthought. Watchers of the show are no doubt familiar that Sheldon is quite unfamiliar with most social conventions, especially sarcasm and humor. But over the last seasons of the show he has grown a vague concept that he still plays close to the chest of his intelligence and is aware that after a joke at someone's expense it is appropriate to have a follow-up explative such as "zing" or "burn". I'm pretty sure since he is till used to the concept he has mistaken zing but has formed it into his own word. Bazinga!
  16. Great! Thank you!
  17. daniel1138 New Member

    I had to register just for this, Bazzinga it's an actual word on that star trek language (Klingon) im not quite sure of what it means but theres no way to find out... i dont know ppl geek enough to know that language
  18. Daniel, thanks a billion!!! Actually I'm a Star Trek fan, so I'm going to "investigate" about this word.

    Stay tunned!

    Best regards!

  19. daniel1138 New Member


    I would like to know what it means, in fact me and a friend where trying to find out but we couldn't. so if you ever get to the meaning of it... you know ^^
  20. Blizzard Spock New Member

    I have heard rumblings that it is an acronym for seven of the periodic elements:

  21. bibliolept

    bibliolept Senior Member

    Northern California
    AE, Español
    That's suitably geeky, but what unites those elements in particular?

    (Why not Barium, Zinc (Zn), Gallium?)
  22. laurakaya New Member

    I was just looking for the meaning of bazinga too. It occurred to me that the boys have been seen speaking in Klingon so they probably would understand the Klingon word bazingga.

    Don't know about the elements though.

    To me bazinga sounds like a word Sheldon made up as a sort of inside joke, that he would expect his friends to understand.
  23. FrancoisRois New Member

    As a general rule for translators. If a word is not found in the dictionary does not mean that it is in use. New words are added to the dictionary after some time the word has been appearing in the media.

    So look on the internet for the context of those words to have an idea, or consult in these forums of forums about the origins (if known). Do not get discouraged by people implying that if the word does not exists in the dictionary, then it should not exists at all. I read somewhere that everything has the right to exist. :)

    By the way, George Lopez has an expresion that should be added to the dictionary.... Wapah!!!!
  24. FrancoisRois New Member

    I meant "As a general rule for translators. If a word is not found in the dictionary does not mean that it is NOT in use.
  25. preppie Senior Member

    Mid Atlantic, US
    American English (Mostly MidAtlantic)
    For those who care: Bazinga is now in the urban dictionary.

    Bazinga 1873 up, 42 down

    A catchy phrase to accompany your clever pranks.

    As popularized by Sheldon Cooper (The Big Bang Theory).
    I just replaced your toothpaste with denture cream. Bazinga!
  26. turbo84 New Member

    English_united States

    I love that show, it is one of my favorites. You had the word right it is pronounced "Bazinga!" Sheldon uses it when he makes a joke, is sarcastic, or plays a prank on someone. He's saying 'gotcha' basically!
  27. Great post friends! A new word! Sheldon and his "crew" are really great!
  28. unicorechoice New Member

    Bazinga comes from Bubble Bazinga, the computer game. The key here is the context; Sheldon was in a ball pit at a fast food restaurant when he said it, the reference is to the balls as bubbles in the game.
  29. Great! Now we have the origin of the word. By the way, in the last episode, Sheldon said that he uses this word to get realize to the others that a sentence is a joke.
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  30. CarrotK New Member

    I can confirm it's means 'i win' or 'gotcha', my sisters use it and anyone else who watched big bang will understand immediately!
  31. pasman New Member

    Bazinga - Writers are writers and love to throw words together...

    This word was built off of the word zinger. Sheldon is ego centric. He is the smartest, his jokes/pranks are the best aka- real zIngers.

    The writers wanted to add crassness and vulgarity to the virgin Sheldons vocabulary as an inside joke. Much in the same way cartoonist add a single explicit frame to a Disney cartoon.

    Thus - Big As@ Zing(er), As@h@le! was born.....
  32. Alecson Member

    Sydney, Australia
    English - Australia
  33. Bitten by an Arab bug

    Bitten by an Arab bug New Member

    Dubai, AE
    Philippines - Filipino Spanish & English
    I think Bazinga means "it's a joke" or "just kidding"
  34. Bazinga New Member

    leet speak
    We should also add that Sheldon mention many times why he uses the word bazinga, for example, Howard, Leonard, Raj and Sheldon sits and having lunch when sheldon tells about his female friend coming over to sleep at thier apartment and Howard asks if A: are you kidding me? or B: Are you freaking kidding me?!??!?. Then Shelden sais: If i where kidding you, you would know since i would use the word "BAZINGA".
  35. SwitchOffAndLetsGo Member

    Spain Spanish
    Wasn't "bazinga!" a word magicians o genies used when they appeared or produced something even before TBBT existed? When I first heard it in the show, I thought I knew the word. It may have its origin in a different language, and maybe in fables or stories. Something like "abracadabra".

    I mean, it had to exist, because they used it for "Bubble Bazinga", so it had to have a meaning before the show.

    Thanks a lot for your answers.
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  36. InstantD New Member

    English - United States
    I was just watching the X-Files Season 7 Episode 19 (c. 1999, entitled "Hollywood A.D."). In this episode the audio expert that Scully speaks with at the 18:17 mark says "Bazinga!" as an expression of amazement or awed enlightenment (much like exclaiming "Eureka!") after he finds out that the bowl he is examining could be emitting strange frequencies due to its previous proximity to Jesus Christ. I think this would confirm that the word itself is much older than the TV series the Big Bang Theory, however I would agree that the widespread popularity of "bazinga" is due to that show.
  37. bazingaaa New Member

    I dont know if it will help, but "bazinga" actually means "I smote you/i destroyed you" in ancient sumerian
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