BCS: šta je sa njim?

Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by sesperxes, May 31, 2013.

  1. sesperxes

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    Zdravo svima!

    šta znaći točno "šta je sa njim?": "what's the matter with him?" (why is he angry, why is so strange...) ili "how does he feel like? (ill, depressed, happy...)?

  2. iobyo Senior Member

    Bitola, Macedonia
    "What's up with him?", "what's his problem?", "what's the deal with him?", "what's the matter with him?", etc.

    Unrelated to your question, and something you may already know, točan is preferred in Croatian (tačan in Serbian). Similarly, što is preferred in Croatian (but šta is commonly used informally, and only šta in Serbian when interrogative). You may also read that the preposition s (less the a) is used in all cases except before certain sibilants (ex. sa sobom) and before some words which start with less common consonant clusters (sa mnom).
  3. sesperxes

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    Burgos (Spain)

    Thanks for all. So, the sentence doesn't mean "kako je".

    If I write "tačno" instead of "točno" , I guess that all my sentences are written in 100% pure Serbian, isn't it? With BCSM it's a bit delicate the choice of proper words...
  4. iobyo Senior Member

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    If you wanted to ask, in all sincerity, how somebody is, then you could say, kako je on/ona?, kako mu/joj je? ('how's he feeling?; how's he doing?; how's he holding up?'), je li/da li je on/ona dobro? ('is he/she well?'), and so forth.

    Sure, and "100% Croatian" would be što točno znači.

    Native speakers don't get too bothered if you happen to use tačan instead of točan on a Croatian forum, for example. The one thing that does bother them quite a lot, and understandably so, is the inconsistent use of ekavian and ijekavian.
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    Hola :)

    Los croatas diríamos što (ten cuidado con la a y la o, es la diferencia entre el serbio y el croata) je s(sa se emplea solamente cuando la palabra siguiente empieza por las š,č,ć,ž,đ,dž).
    Što je s njim/Što mu je(el segundo me suena más natural porque hay casos cuando usamos Što je s njim? porque alguien ha tenido un ataque, se ha vuelto loco; Que narices le pasa?) quiere decir Que le pasa?

    NB Bok svima sería más natural, pera está bien ;)

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