BCS: žao mi je je/ mi ju je / mi nju je

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    Dear foreros,

    if I want to say that "I'm sorry for her", shall I say "žao mi je je", "žao mi ju je" or "žao mi nju je"?

    In some grammar I've read that the pronoun "ju" replaces "je" when it's followed or preceded by another "je" - on kupuje ju (šapku)/on ju je vidio (pratnju) -, but the use of "nju" doesn't appear as an option in these cases.

    So, once again, all suggestions are welcome!
  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    The rule is that je je may never come together: instead je 'her' eats je (aux.) when they have to get together (as females often do :D):

    Žao mi jeGEN. = Žao mi je nje.

    In genitive, the clitic reads only je. In accusative, however, there is alternative form ju, which may be used to resolve ambiguity:

    Video jeGEN = Video juACC jeAUX
    . 'He saw her'

    In high-brow Croatian, ju may be used regardless of proximity of je, but it sounds really stilted:

    Znam ju. 'I know her.'

    Of course, you may always use non-clitic forms nje and nju, but context is usually sufficient for understanding.

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