BCS: закључење брака / zaključenje braka


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A legal document from Serbia speaks of "закључење брака", which I think would be written "zaključenje braka" in the Latin alphabet (and in Bosnian and Croatian).

Does this mean the actual termination (nullification or similar) of a marriage?

Or, is this a case where "conclude" is being used in the sense of "finalize (a contract or other formal arrangement)", and thus "закључење брака"/"zaključenje braka" might refer to the actual marriage ceremony?

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  • It indeed means ‘finalising’, or ‘entering into’ a marriage. A wonderful false friend with Slovenian where zaključiti means to terminate.

    I found the following online: ‘Lica istog pola ne mogu zaključiti brak ...’, ‘Brak se može zaključiti između državljanina Srbije i državljanina druge zemlje ...’ which makes it pretty clear it is about getting married, not divorcing :)

    I've always found this use of "conclude" (in English) to be frustratingly ambiguous, and I almost always opt for an alternative term when possible: "to enter into (a contract/agreement)", "to finalize (a marriage)" (or sometimes simply "to get married"), and so on.