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Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by qwqwqw, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
    "A cappella pljeska: pljeska bez luka."

    Imam još jedno pitanjce. Šta znači ovde "pljeska"?

    Hvala vam svima.
  2. Vanja Senior Member

    Never heard of cappella pleska(vica). Pljeskavica is always made with garlic :p

    Pljeska is slang, a shorten version of pleskavica.

    Cappella is maybe the name of a restaurant where one can buy a "new Cappella hit"- pljeska bez luka. :D
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  3. slavic_one

    slavic_one Senior Member

    Prague, Czech Republic
    Croatian (štokavski, jekavski)
    A "a capella"? )
  4. sesperxes

    sesperxes Senior Member

    Burgos (Spain)
    Maybe that "a cappellla" means "natural, without anything else" (like the songs a cappella, without instruments, only voices)
  5. qwqwqw Senior Member

    Bayern, D
  6. Vanja Senior Member

    I don't know why "cappella", but I would say it is natural, without anything else, but opposite, something like "deprived of..." in this context - missing the crucial component - for pleskavica that is garlic. = Pljeska is not a pljeska without it, like that saying - nema ručka bez masa. :D
  7. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world

    I'd venture a guess that it compares pljeska without onion to music without instruments (i.e. a capella) -- lacking the major ingredient.

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