BCS: (iz) ispod & (iz) iznad

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  1. sesperxes

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    Dear foreros,

    when there's no movement, I can say "lopta je ispod kreveta/iznad ormara" and, if I want to translate "I take the ball from under the bed/from above of the cupboard", do I say "uzmem loptu iz ispod kreveta/iz iznad ormara" (with two prepositions juxtaposed), "uzmem loptu da/koja je ispod kreveta/iznad ormara" or, more simply, "uzmem loptu ispod kreveta/iznad ormara"?

    If the latter sentences were correct, how do I indicate that ONLY the ball is under the bed/on the cupboard and not me?

  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    c) is the simplest variant. I don't even see a practical possibility for an ambiguity (there is a verb of action uzeti which makes it unlikely that I'm under the bed), but it would be certainly resolved with b).
  3. sesperxes

    sesperxes Senior Member

    Burgos (Spain)
    OK, sometimes BCS can be even easy! Thanks.
  4. Prelatin New Member

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    Allow me to add just one more thing - the preposition of place "iznad" does not sound completely natural in BCS, since it would mean that the ball "floats" above the cupboard. A better way to put it would be "na ormaru", which in turn you can develop into "uzeo je loptu sa ormara
    all the best!

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