BCS: jedno-, dvo-, tro-, itd.

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    Hello everyone!

    In English there's rather do-it-yourself way of expressing qualities related to numerals: one-bed room, two-bed room, two-storey house, two-place house, two-room apartment, three-colour process, four-wheel drive and so on.
    In BCS I've found many equivalents (jednostavan, jednokrevetan, dvokrevetan, dvokatan, dvosjedac, dvosobni, trokrak, trokatni, trovrstan, četveromotorni, četveroručno and some others) and I'd like to know if these adjectives can be freely built by users.

    If I want to say seven-colour flag or ten-page leaflet, may I propose sedmorobojna zastava and desetorostranican prospekt?

    Thanks to all.
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  2. sesperxes

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    ¡Hola Bresca!

    I have another pearl to add to your list: "šesdesetogodišnji"! I found it in Večernji List a few days ago. I imagine that we can say also "sedmoroglavan zmaj" (seven-headed dragon) and "stogodišnji rat" (war of 100 years)!! These adjectives are wonderful!
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  3. Duya Senior Member

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    Sedmobojna and desetostraničan, actually, without -ro- (-ro- exists only in četvoro/četvero-). But yes, you can build them as you see fit.

    Duya, tridesetdevetogodišnji forero. ;)
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    It should be "sedmoglavi zmaj".

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