BCS: Ne biste li htjeli biti bogat ?

Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by Milivoje, Jun 20, 2013.

  1. Milivoje New Member

    Wouldn't you like to be rich?

    Interrogative negation in the conditional is tripping me up.
    Can I say "ne biste li htjeli biti bogat ?"

    Any comment will be appreciated.
  2. slavic_one

    slavic_one Senior Member

    Prague, Czech Republic
    Croatian (štokavski, jekavski)
    You can say it like that, no problem.
  3. Dekadent New Member


    Ne biste li ht(j)eli biti bogat(i)? Yes, you can and it's correct. But... Depending of context, lower/higher register or familiarity with the person you are speaking with (or to) etc, you could say:

    A Vi (second person sing.) ne biste želeli da ste bogati?

    Ne biste li i Vi želeli biti bogati?

    Šta (or zašto, što), ti ne bi (hteo/želeo) da si bogat?

    Etc, etc, etc...

    All forms are acceptable; again, depending of whom are you speaking to/with.
  4. Anicetus Senior Member

    The negation and the interrogative clitic are indeed fine -- you simply treat biste as if it were a tense by itself, so ne goes before it and li after it -- but congruence in your sentence isn't. As a part of the predicate, bogat must agree with the gender and number of the verb form, biste htjeli, which is masculine plural in this sentence: ne biste li htjeli biti bogati? That applies whether the plural is actually used to adress more people or to politely adress a single person.
  5. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
  6. Milivoje New Member

    ne biste li htjeli biti bogati?
    Indeed, I missed the agreement of bogati.
    My intention was to politely address a single person.
  7. Milivoje New Member


    I think in Spanish (Castillian) it's a little different:
    No quisierais (vos) ser rico ? (Sing)
    No quisierais (vosotros) ser ricos ? (Plur)

    same in the Latin American version:
    No quisiera (Usted) ser rico ?
    No quisieran (Ustedes) ser ricos ?

    Of course it would be rica and ricas for the femenin.
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  8. sesperxes

    sesperxes Senior Member

    Burgos (Spain)

    I'm afraid but you ought to refresh your Spanish!

    In Spain we do use the "Usted" and, since XV century, we don't use the "vos": anyway, the concordances you suggested are OK.
  9. Milivoje New Member

    Oops !
    Sorry if I mislead our "foreros"
    I am a native Latin American Spanish speaker and have never been to Spain.
    However I was under the impression that the voseo was alive and well in Andalucia. My daughter spent a year in Granada and came back speaking with a very charming accent !
    I am afraid this out of topic though.

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