BCS: pas je hoću-životinja

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    Zdravo svima!

    In the sentence "pas je hoću-životinja, a veoma je omiljen kod ljudi koji ne mogu sebi da priušte hoću-čoveka" , I understand that "the dog is an animal X, and is very loved by people that can't allow people X" and, as it happens in maths, the unknown factor is "X".

    What's the meaning of both "hoću-"?

    Velika hvala.
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  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    It is something invented ad hoc by the author. Such construction is meaningless, in itself. Hoću here is apparently 'want', but the intended meaning must be deduced from context.
  3. Miliu Member

    It's the translation of a quote of a Canadian writer, Robertson Davies, but I could't find the original text to see what's the meaning of "hoću-". To je to!

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