BCS: radi po danu/po celi dan

Discussion in 'Other Slavic Languages' started by Miliu, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. Miliu Member

    Dear foreros,

    I know the expressions po danu (po+STR:during the day) and po celi dan (po+ACC: all day long).
    Talking about an activity (to work, to sleep, to dream...), may I say "po celi dan"/"po celu danu" (po + ACC/STR), with the meanig of "preko dana", "during all the day"?

    Velika hvala.
  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    There are a lot of nuances expressed with different prepositions and cases, and different meanings of the word 'day' (daylight vs. 24 hours).

    I'd interpret po danu chiefly as 'by daylight', in a contrast with 'by night':

    Po danu spava, a noću luduje.

    Po celi/seo dan is marked, expressing a habit:

    Po ceo dan spava. (every day)​

    *Po celu danu is not grammatical.

    To refer to something that took place during the whole particular day, we'd say celog dana or preko/tokom celog dana.
  3. Jeki Senior Member

    You can say "po celi dan" and "po ceo dan", but not "po celu danu", it's not correct.

    It's not the same thing as "during the day". As you wrote it means "all day long" (so day and night) and there is also idea of doing something nonstop.

    For example, po ceo dan spava (he's sleeping all day long, we can conclude: he's doing nothing else but sleeping).
  4. Miliu Member

    All right, I've understood, thanks.
  5. Vanja Senior Member

    I personally almost never use "po danu" but "danju". The only example I can think of is "Čisti sobu po danu" or "Šetaj se po (lepom) danu/ Šetaj se dok je dan".

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