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    Dear foreros,

    I have a few questions about verbs related to queues.

    · What do exactly mean the expression "stati u red":

    a) to form a queue from scattered persons, animals or things (as in the army, when soldiers are ordered: fall in!)
    b) to stand and wait in the queue (in front of a ticket office, for instance)
    c) to remain in the queue (do not move from the queue! = stani u stroj!)

    · When someone tries to jump the queue, how do you say it in BCS?

    · Does the person who tries (or actually does) jump the queue have a particular name?

  2. Duya Senior Member

    Not in WR world
    Stati, pres. stanem, imper. stani is perfective. For one person, it means 'entered [the queue]'; Ljudi su stali u red 'People formed a queue.' I suppose that's your case A.

    Stajati or stojati, pres. stojim, imper. stoj is perfective, and means 'to stand [in the queue]'. Ljudi su stajali u redu 'People were standing in a queue' -- Case B.

    Ostati (perf.) and ostajati (imperf.) mean 'remain, not leave'. Ostanite u redu! 'Don't leave the queue!'

    Vrsta is 'line', i.e. pupils or soldiers stand facing the senior. Stroj is specifically military vrsta.

    Rude people idu preko reda or preskaču red. There's no specific term for these (use whatever swearword that fits :D).

    A joke for practicing :D :

    U šumi se otvorio podrum pića i životinje su stale u red da kupe alkohol. Dolazi vuk i ide preko reda. Zeka mu dobacuje:
    -- Ima reda!
    -- Ko je to rekao? -- nabusito će vuk.
    Niko ne odgovara. Vuk pokupuje najbolje piće za svoju žurku.

    Kad je zeka stigao na red, ostala je samo najgora brlja. On ode kući, sipa jednu, drugu, treću... čašu. Nakon pete, lupi šakom od sto i vikne:
    -- E ja sam rekao!


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